Watch: Bride Had The Perfect Wedding Until Her Friends Made A Special Request & It All Went Wrong

Chelsea Pescitelli, 32, thought breaking her nail on her wedding day was the “worst thing that could happen.”

She was wrong.

After a perfect wedding ceremony, the dance floor started to heat up at the reception, and friends requested Chelsea and her new husband, Jeff Rossiter, 32, do the hora.

The hora is a Jewish dance where the bride and groom are lifted in the air on chairs. The couple is not Jewish, but several of their friends who attended the wedding were.

“We got up on the chairs, and initially, it was kind of funny,” the bride said. “They were bouncing me up 5 feet in the air. Then I started to feel that my dress was slippery and wasn’t going to stay on the chair.”

The new bride clinched onto the chair for dear life but slipped on the chair crashing on the dance floor.

“One of the girls said they saw a giant blob of white go from 5 feet in the air directly on the ground. I slipped from the chair and landed directly on my foot.”

Pescitelli began laughing when she fell and hysterically started laughing when she saw the bulge on her foot.

“I thought it was hilarious. I started laughing, and at that point, my groom was still in the air,” she said. “They put him down, and I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t make out the words that I’d broken my foot.”

Not wanting to be a party pooper, the broken bride told everyone to “keep rolling.”

“I said, ‘Keep rolling.’ I didn’t want to break my foot for nothing, I wanted to make sure it was captured, it’s all documented for the wedding album,” she said.

“I said to my husband, ‘You stay and keep the party going.’ If we both left, we knew everyone would leave, too,” she explained.

“The hospital was zero wait time, so I just rolled in in my wedding dress and they got me X-rayed and put a boot on my foot.”

Luckily Chelsea doesn’t need surgery, and the couple’s honeymoon isn’t scheduled until November.


New York Post


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