Attention foodies, there is a new chocolate in the world!

Ruby chocolate will be competing with milk, dark and white for a place in your life.

As reported by NY times, there is a new chocolate competing to be the worlds fourth chocolate. Currently, we have milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and the well debated white chocolate. Debated because white chocolate is made from the cocoa butter instead of the plant’s powder, but that’s not the buzz today. Take a seat, white chocolate.

What is the newest member of the chocolate family?

Ruby chocolate! Its name is solely based on its natural, yes natural, red color! Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate based out of Switzerland, made their announcement of this new addition nearly a century after their release of white chocolate.  The company hopes ruby will attract millennials.

It’s not necessarily a new cocoa species, in fact, it’s derived from the same plant our beloved chocolate comes from, today. However, this beautiful new sweet gets its name from a unique red bean, the ruby cocoa bean, that grows off of the ivory coasts of Brazil.

It’s said to have no bitter taste but a fruity berry- like flavor. It’s also noted to be extremely easy to cook with. Can we say, TAKE MY MONEY?! This silky sweet and smooth treat made its way to Shanghai China, while the rest of the world awaits its arrival.

Just take a look at this short video, below.

Dom Ramsey is skeptical that ruby chocolate will live up to the hype. Ramsey, who it is fair to say is a chocolate guru because he is a chocolate maker, expert and consultant even having written a book about the threat titled (you guessed it) “Chocolate”, has others questioning ruby chocolate splendor.

“Ruby chocolate’ is very much a marketing term,” Mr. Ramsey said, adding that the final product, which he has not yet tasted, might be genuinely interesting. “Unless and until Barry Callebaut are a little more open about what it actually is, it’s very difficult to judge.”

Is Ramsey right? Maybe the chocolate isn’t going to live up to its expectations. I think it’s safe to say many of us would like to volunteer ourselves as judges!

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