Airline Drama Goes Viral And It’s Not What You Think!

Passengers on a SkyWest flight from Los Angeles to Houston, Texas, were delayed for over an hour after two flight attendants reportedly got into an argument and refused to work together.

The incident was documented by Ashley Brewer, an anchor on ESPN, who tweeted that her flight was delayed due to the dispute. Brewer also made a TikTok video about the incident, which received more than 70,000 views and more than 300 comments from people commiserating with her.

In response to the incident, SkyWest released a statement to Fox News Digital on Wednesday evening, March 15, saying that they were aware of reports regarding a flight attendant issue that caused flight 4860 to be delayed. The airline also said that they were conducting an internal investigation related to the flight and apologized for any inconvenience.

According to Brewer, the fight began when a woman sitting in first class requested a seat switch with a person in coach so that she could sit next to her husband. The male flight attendant agreed to let the passenger switch seats, but the female flight attendant did not. This led to an argument between the two flight attendants and eventually, the male flight attendant reportedly started yelling at the female flight attendant. The female flight attendant then went up to the front of the plane, cried — and told Brewer that she would not fly with the male flight attendant.

Brewer said that the first-class passenger was fine with not moving, however, the argument between the two flight attendants continued to escalate.

Brewer continued saying, “Well for some reason the flight attendants were not fine, and they kept bickering and going back and forth in the middle of the aisle about the rules, what was right and what was wrong. They just had some beef or something, so they kept going back and forth and he started yelling at her. He was really, like, out of line. He should not have done that.”

“The female flight attendant ran to the front of the plane and ended up crying, Brewer said. She said she went up to the female flight attendant to check in on her and the flight attendant allegedly said ‘I’m not flying with him,'” she said.

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