She Was Born Deaf But Watch What Happens When She Hears Her Parents For The Very First Time

Baby Lachlan’s precious moment revealed.

Baby Lachlan Lever has known his share of fame. The video of his first hearing moments has hit viral status several times and is back at it again. The tender video below is currently all over most social media outlets and people just can’t get enough of that beautiful smile!

Michelle, Lachlan’s Mother, discovered that her son was diagnosed with severe sensorineural hearing impairment when he was just 4-weeks-old. The devastating news could break any Parent’s heart, and Michelle was no different and worried uncontrollably for her son’s future.

Luckily, Lachlan’s condition was caught early enough giving the family options. Receiving his first hearing-aid 3-weeks later. Luckily for us, Lachlan’s Dad caught everything with his camera.

Watch it for yourself.

Young Lever showing some discomfort and confusion as they position his hearing-aid. Once he hears his parents little Lachlan cracks a beautiful smile.


As reported by Michelle Stein with What to expect.

“When we first heard of Lachlan’s diagnosis, I was completely shattered and cried for 12 hours straight. I was so worried about what the future would hold for our son,” Michelle said. “I thought Lachlan would not be able to talk, make friends and I was worried he would get teased. I now know that whilst those thoughts were completely normal, they are not true.”

Because Lachlan’s hearing impairment was detected early on, the Levers were able to decide on a plan of action and then immediately get him the help they wanted for him. As it turns out, Lachlan began saying his first words at about 6-months-old. He is now an energetic 2-year-old chatterbox who continues to progress at an age-appropriate pace with his speech development.

“It’s such a happy, special moment,” Michelle said. “My baby’s world just opened up, it was so emotional. Now that it’s gone viral I’m reliving that moment all over again.”




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