The One Thing That Remained After A Fire Ripped Through Church Gives A Community Hope

A vicious fire ripped through Balsora Baptist church in Bridgeport, Texas recently.

The fire quickly overtook the structure but after the flames were put out there was only one thing that remained among the charred ruins – the cross which was still standing.

“A devastating loss to our community, but a sight to behold,” the department said. “The fire took the structure, but not the cross. A symbol that the building was just that, a building. The Church is the congregation, and where 2 or more gather, there He shall be also.”

Extreme temperatures in the area made fighting the fire incredibly difficult and at least 11 other agencies took part to help extinguish the flames.

As firefighters were desperately trying to save the building the roof began to collapse and crews had to get out before they became trapped inside the burning structure.

Pastor Sonny Smith said the cross remaining was “a sign from God saying don’t worry, I’m still here and I’m going to lead you forward.”

“That cross is where we would get little pieces of paper with a string and everyone put all their family members and different ones they wanted to pray for and we hung them up on that cross,” said Smith. “It’s an absolute miracle that that cross made it through the fire when nothing else did.”

The pastor also “Shed some tears together over what was — but also create some excitement for what God plans for us in the future.”

The church has stood in the community for over 120 years and was under construction at the time of the fire. Crews had just taken a break for lunch and when they returned the building was a blaze.


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