A mom’s heart-felt message to her firstborn ‘You’ll never know’

How bittersweet it is to be a Mother.

Moms know It’s not always sunshine and rainbow being a raising our tiny people. I always say it’s a lot like herding cats because everyone knows how cats won’t listen.

Your first born though, that’s the one you did all of your ‘firsts” with. It’s when you realized you’re not as confident as you once may have been. It’s also when you fully understand what it means to say ‘I would die for you’. All of your hopes and dreams change, and suddenly all you want is to get this beautiful creature through life, in one piece.

One mom took the time to write it all down. Imaginable for her daughter to read one and the result is a heart string tugging message that all moms can relate to.

‘You’ll Never Know’

Read the full message written by Chaunie Bruise, by clicking here.

The truth is, my daughter, you’ll never know how I studied you, each and every freckle on your nose an imprint on my heart, your features so new and yet familiar at the same time.

You’ll never know the way I watched you sleep, echoes of “you should sleep when the baby sleeps!” filling my head, but I couldn’t look away, so in awe of the simple fact that you were here, that you once resided curled up inside of me.

You’ll never know the laps I took, the weariness settling into my bones as I hushed and bounced and prayed, willing you to find peace against the pain I didn’t know was in your belly. You’ll never know the decisions that seemed so big at the time: Breastfeeding or not? A lifelong ban on french fries or give in early? Organic strawberries or save the money?

You’ll never know how my breath catches still when I catch a glimpse of you, how startling it is when you seem to grow up overnight when you move with the grace of a woman but sleep like the baby I once held.

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