He Was Being Sucked Out To Sea Then Lifeguards Did The Incredible – WATCH

The weekend of August 15th was one of heroism and danger on the shores of Florida as residents and tourists alike were affected by the strong rip tides caused by Hurricane Franklin. A drone helicopter was used to document lifeguards successfully completing an impressive rescue mission to bring an unidentified boogie boarder to safety.

Joe Osborne, on a break from his job at a nearby tattoo parlor, used his personal drone to capture incredible footage of the event. In the video, the lifeguards can be seen using their own buoys to strategically form a human chain to save the boogie boarder from the dangerous rip current that had taken him far from the beach.

Lieutenant Malaina Bryant of Flagler Beach’s Ocean Rescue praised her fellow lifeguards for their quick thinking and creative approach to the situation. The human rescue chain was implemented given that the boogie boarder had drifted too far away from shore to be effectively reached with just standard water rescue equipment.

Osborne was also full of praise and admiration for the lifeguards’ heroics. He spoke of his amazement and noted that the human chain rescue appeared to be well rehearsed. He points out, though, that his video serves as a reminder of the potential danger rip currents can pose even to the experienced beachgoer.

Indeed, the East Coast is still facing considerable risks from rip tides. For this reason, beachgoers should consider heeding the local warnings of New York Governor Kathy Hochul, which involve suspending swimming at the ocean facing beaches due to the 8-foot waves expected in the area.

This fateful rescue is a reminder that lifeguards are there to help us even when they’re not expecting it. By remaining conscious of the conditions in which you’re operating, whether swimming in the ocean or flying a drone, it’s possible to stay safe and enjoy the beauty that many coastal areas have to offer.


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