Hero Dad’s Quick Thinking Saves His Son From Having An Incredible Bad Day

Watch this Dad’s reflexes as he blocks a baseball bat that almost his son.

Shaun, Landon’s Dad, wanted to supersize his son by getting them tickets to the Spring training game of the Pittsburgh Pirates vs the Atlanta Braves. The young Dad prepared for everything, getting the two tickets right behind the Brave’s dugout box, planning the trip, and getting Landon a famous foam tomahawk to cheer on his favorite team.

Shaun made sure he was prepared for the surprise trip but what he didn’t realize is that he was prepared for anything. The two sat down in their seat, relaxing and enjoying the game from their perfect view.

Suddenly, from the field, a baseball bat flew through the air and directly at his Son’s face. Shaun, not having time to think, reacted by throwing up his arm to shield the boy. Landon was texting his mom at the time and missed what was going on. The bat was traveling so quickly that it bruised Shaun’s arm for weeks but the father doesn’t mind at all and is just happy it didn’t mangle his poor son.

Watch Shaun’s interview below.

Dad’s are experts at reflex saves, don’t believe us? Just watch this compilation video of some of their work.


Reported by  with US Magazine.

Shaun and Landon have seated just three rows behind the Braves’ dugout. The excursion was an early birthday present for Landon, who had never been to a professional baseball game. He will turn 9 on March 18.

“Landon is excited about attending more games,” Shaun tells Us. “He has stated in several interviews, ‘as long as I can sit next to my Dad!’”

Landon took home the bat as a souvenir. “We are mounting it above his bed,” says Shaun. “His room is baseball-themed.”

Though Landon hasn’t heard from Ortiz as of yet, Frank Coonelly, the President of the Pittsburgh Pirates sent them tickets for a spring training game on March 13!





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