‘Best weatherman ever’ goes viral after this sensational report on hurricane Irma.

As hurricane Irma threatens devastation on the southeastern United States, one weatherman brings an upbeat and straightforward report.


Chief Meteorologist, Alan Sealls becomes and over-night internet sensation for the most uncanny reasons. Today’s media sources seem to be basing their stories on fear and confusion. In Alan’s brief (4 minutes and 14 seconds) video, he brings a sort relief to everyone.

“The models don’t control the weather,” Alan calmly states to his audience. “That’s the attempt to keep up with what’s going on, calculate, and regenerate another projection.”

His video going viral for his professional and calm behavior, while explaining the history of the Atlantic hurricanes. Alan makes it clear why the news reports keep changing and brings simplistic information we can all understand. Meanwhile not clouding the story with more unnecessarily excitement.

Reddit as well as Alan’s twitter followers have deemed him the ‘BEST WEATHERMAN EVER’. It’s easy to see why when comparing him to other reporters.  You can read more about our hero, here on Reddit,  as well as what everyone is saying about him.


In contrast, we’ve witnessed wildly desperate attempts to keep the viewers attention by the media.

Such was the case with Fox News reporter, Shepherd Smith’s, 2016 ‘Doomsday’ segment of hurricane Mathew.

“This moves 20 miles to the West, and you and everyone you know are dead” Shepard continues. “You can’t survive it unless you’re very very lucky, and your kids will die too.”

You can watch Shepard’s jaw dropping 2016 video, here. Of course, Shepard as well as Fox News received some, much deserved, criticism for his performance but that wouldn’t be the end of fear-mongering reporters, anywhere.


More recently, during Hurricane Harvey that ravished parts of Texas and most of Houston, a CNN reporter repeatedly shoved a microphone in the face of an obviously distraught mother. The interview, seen here, was an embarrassment to the news station, and reporters every where. It’s unclear if the reported didn’t pick up on the social cues the mother (Danielle) was sending or if she just doesn’t care.

“You’re still still sticking a microphone in my face,” Danielle said, for the second time. Her voice shaking as she fights back tears after just having told the traumatic story of how her and her children reached safety through treacherous waters.


Alan Sealls Viral video. His segment on three hurricanes currently threatening America and Mexico’s shorelines.

At first glance Alan’s report may not seem like anything special but compared to the CNN and Fox News reports mentioned above, as well as countless others, it is easy to see how this video went viral. In the world where every media outlet is clawing to the top, Alan brought honesty and simplicity to the table, and we love him for it!

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