Woman Gets An Unexpected Visit Over Halloween Decorations That Were A Little Too Real

Real or not real? A cop had to ask himself that question as he rolled up to a woman’s house while on duty and found a dead body lying on the ground.

A woman from the UK’s holiday display was so lifelike that police did their due diligence and checked to see if it was an actual body, according to a TikTok clip of the investigation that garnered over 5.9 million views.

TikTok user @DanielleIt23 posted in the caption of the disturbingly funny clip,  “Not every day you get blue lights and sirens outside.”

The video clip shows a police officer approaching what appears to be a body wrapped in garbage bags with sneaker-clad feet poking out- just like something out of a true crime scene.

“It’s realistic then?” the TikTok user asks as the inquiring officer as he inspects the imitation body bag.

So realistic, the cop takes a kick at the halloween decoration, accidentally knocking its shoe loose and prompting the camerawoman to jokingly ask, “Do you want to tape that back on?”

The clip ends with the officer getting to leave the scene, apparently satisfied that the body wasn’t an actual dead person.

Needless to say, the video went viral and viewers loved the comical misunderstanding.

One viewer said, “Can’t tell if he’s amused or annoyed at the call out or both.”

Another wrote, “Would have been so awesome if someone was in it and sat up.”

This is not the first time the cops have been fooled or called to investigate a super naturalistic Halloween decoration.

In May 2021, a UK woman was shocked to have a squad of police officers surround her home on the suspicion that she’d committed murder after an errantly placed halloween display prompted the investigation.

In another instance, the police were called over an extremely graphic Halloween display. A Texas man evoked multiple police visits after constructing a series of bloody bodies in a scene that could be straight out of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Though many feel Halloween is an innocent holiday where kids can dress up and receive candy- some take it too far such as the man in Texas.  Remember, there are kids walking around seeing those scenes.

@daniellelt93Not everyday you get blue lights and sirens outside 🤣♬ original sound – Daniellelt93

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