Airline Crew Blasted Over Note To Passenger Trapped In Stinky Place For Entire Flight

In an extraordinary and unfortunate incident, a passenger aboard a SpiceJet flight experienced an unprecedented ordeal after being trapped in the lavatory for almost the entire duration of the flight.

The budget airline acknowledged the incident, describing it as an “involuntary downgrade” in a statement. The unnamed passenger reportedly encountered the issue shortly after takeoff on a one-hour-and-45-minute night flight from Mumbai to Bengaluru. The lavatory door malfunctioned, rendering it impossible for the passenger to exit, leading to an unexpected and prolonged confinement.

Efforts to free the trapped flyer were made by both the flight crew and fellow passengers, but their attempts proved futile. The passenger found himself in an awkward and uncomfortable situation, confined to the lavatory for the majority of the flight.

In an attempt to reassure the individual during this unusual predicament, the flight crew slid a note under the door, conveying their unsuccessful attempts to open the door and advising the passenger to remain calm as the plane was set to land shortly.

The note also assured the passenger that engineers would be available to address the situation once the aircraft landed. The passenger’s distressing experience finally came to an end upon landing, as two engineers boarded the plane and successfully broke open the lavatory door.

The note Flight crew slid under the door

Following the rescue, the passenger received immediate medical support. SpiceJet, in response to the incident, issued a sincere apology for the inconvenience caused to the passenger and took the unusual step of providing a full refund to the affected individual.

The airline expressed regret over the incident, acknowledging the challenges faced by the passenger and emphasizing their commitment to addressing such unforeseen circumstances.

The acknowledgment of the “involuntary downgrade” highlights the exceptional nature of the incident, recognizing the passenger’s unexpected and involuntary confinement as a downgrade from the typical flying experience.

The issuance of a full refund underscores the airline’s commitment to customer satisfaction and their recognition of the unique challenges faced by the affected passenger during this cringe-worthy flying experience.

New York Post