Cardi B’s Rage At Fan Displayed at Las Vegas Beach Club!

In a recent incident at Drai’s Beach Club in Las Vegas, rapper Cardi B displayed a fit of rage with a concertgoer who through a cup of ice at her. Though recently, audience members at concerts have been engaging in a troubling pattern of throwing objects at artists while they are on stage performing, causing disruptions and posing potential risks to the performers’ safety, this fan was only following what Cardi B and her DJ asked!

During her performance of the 2018 hit “Bodak Yellow” at Drai’s Beach Club, Cardi B found herself targeted when an audience member threw a drink at her. Video footage shared on social media captured the moment when the rapper was splashed with liquid from the cup. Visibly upset, Cardi B reacted swiftly by throwing her microphone into the crowd. Security guards promptly rushed to the stage to address the situation and ensure her safety.

However, this is not the full clip. Carid B can be heard making vulgar comments and encouraging fans to “splash her down”.  However, one fan, who seemingly did not realize her cup still had ice in it or was just ‘in the moment’, ‘splashed’ Cardi who in return went into a rage and threw the microphone at the women’s head!

Due to community guidelines, you can watch the video here.

Here is the edited version where you just see one person throwing the beverage at Cardi B and in return, you see Cardi B’s rage displayed.

Watch here to see the fan in question trying to apologize to the singer maybe not realizing that there was ice in the cup.

Unfortunately, this incident was not an isolated occurrence. A TikTok video from the previous night showed Cardi B throwing her microphone at a DJ who appeared to cut off her song prematurely during a performance at Drai’s Nightclub.

It seems that Cardi B could now be facing battery charges.

A woman told police she’d been struck by an item — the microphone — thrown from the stage. The mic struck the intended woman, however, it also ricocheted and hit another woman standing next to her. It’s unclear which one of them went to the police.


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