WOW! Woman Pulls Crazy Stunt In Hopes Of Getting Her Man Back

Sarah Young, 24, was so determined to get back with her ex that she sat outside his house until they matched on Bumble.

Bumble is an online dating app where potential matches are displayed to users who can then “swipe left” to reject a potential match or “swipe right” to show interest.

Four months after splitting from Nathan Lopez, 26,  Young knew she wanted him back.

One night a while after their split, Nathan invited Sarah over as a friend.

Sarah seized her opportunity and sat outside his apartment for an hour prior to the meeting time, and set her Bumble dating range to one mile.

Sarah then scrolled until she matched with Lopez and sent him a message saying “Found you.”

Nathan believing it was fate, rekindled their romance, and are now getting married.

Sarah said, “After being invited around, I drove and parked outside his apartment. I turned my Bumble mileage down to one and was swiping for 45 minutes until I found him and then waited until we matched.”

Sarah continued by saying that Nathan is “the most amazing person on this earth” and that everything “worked out for the best.”

Sarah and Nathan met while they were both studying at a university in Texas. The pair dated until graduating six months later.

The couple tried to make it work as they then moved to different parts of the state, but in the end, their schedules proved too much and the couple called it quits.

“We decided that we loved each other so much but we had a lot of growing to do,” Sarah said.

Nathan agreed, saying,  “It was a mutual agreement. We both felt like we wanted to grow as individuals, but we didn’t know where that road would lead us.”

The couple broke up for about four months and remained friends, however,  both had dating apps and were open to meeting new people.

However, that fateful night, Sarah got her wish and the couple got back together.

Nathan said, “My reaction was ‘wow, this is fate’. I was happy.”

The couple continued to date and on April 2022 while in a garden in Austin, Nathan popped the question to Sarah- she said Yes!

Nathan continued by saying,  “I feel like we’re different people, we have grown so much – as individuals but together. It wasn’t weird when we got back together. It felt surprisingly good. I expected there to be a lot more drama, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so easy when we got back together.”

“I am the happiest guy in the world to be able to have that chance to grow and come back together as stronger individuals and a stronger couple. I’m glad it worked out the way it did,” he said.

Sarah added, “Having the time apart is the best thing that could have happened. We were able to grow as people and focus on what we want out of life and I guess that was each other.”

Daily Mail


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