Woody Harrelson’s Shocking SNL Monologue Brings Controversy

Actor Woody Harrelson recently hosted Saturday Night Live and delivered a controversial “story” during his opening monologue. Harrelson, 61, is a five-time host of the show.

During his monologue, Harrelson began to share with the audience about the “craziest script” that he had ever read before the COVID-19 pandemic which was interrupted by a lot of details.

“So, the movie goes like this,” Harrelson finally said. “The biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up all the media and all the politicians and force all the people in the world to stay locked in their homes, and people can only come out if they take the cartel’s drugs and keep taking them over and over.”

He then concluded his story by saying “I threw the script away. I mean, who was going to believe that crazy idea? Being forced to do drugs? I do that voluntarily all day long.”

This statement sparked a lot of opinions on social media. Many viewers blasted him for his “joke” with one person tweeting that “I guess I’m not a good sport, anymore because I don’t find anti-vax jokes funny while we lost a good chunk of America due to stupid people spreading it to others.”

However, others praised him for the rant, like Twitter’s owner, Elon Musk, who re-tweeted Harrelson’s monologue and said that it was “so based. Nice work @nbcsnl!”

Singer Five Times August also tweeted in defense, saying, “Woody Harrelson just told the entire country on live TV exactly what happened over the last three years and people are still like ‘Yea right! Never gonna happen! Anti-vax conspiracy theory garbage!!’”

This isn’t the first time that Harrelson has spoken out about his thoughts regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. In April 2020, he shared a conspiracy theory that linked 5G networks to the pandemic in an Instagram post that has been deleted. He posted a report “about the negative effects of 5G”, admitting that he hadn’t “fully vetted” it but found it “interesting.”

New York Post


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