With Her Husband Stuck, Mom Does The Miraculous After Her Water Broke With A Very Impatient Baby

Gabriela Perez, 30, gave birth to her baby girl alone on her bathroom floor 30 minutes before the paramedics or her husband could arrive. The scene was captured on her ring camera just as the paramedics arrived.

Perez woke up experiencing contractions on January 15, 2022.  She quickly realized this was not a false alarm and her baby was coming!

Her husband, Miguel Perez, 34, was unable to get home in time from work as a warehouse manager.  He quickly told Gabriela to call 911.

However, Gabriela’s water broke just after 20 minutes of contractions.  Her contractions were now painful and coming closer and closer together. The mother of five was so uncomfortable that she could not drive herself.

The little one was not deterred from making her entrance though and Gabriela gave birth to Aurora Isabella on the bathroom floor while still on the phone with 911.

Sweet Aurora was born weighing 7lbs 3oz.  As seen in the video, the paramedics arrived just in time to gather Aurora in their arms and help Gabriela who was losing blood.

Gabriela was no novice though, she has 5 other children.  Gabriela was taken to the hospital and checked over.  Surprisingly, she was able to return home that same day with Aurora.

Gabriela later said,  “It all happened so quickly but it was such an amazing experience. I wasn’t expecting it as doctors had checked me over just a few days before and said she still wasn’t on the way.”

Gabriela continued, saying, “I woke up with contractions and my water had broken after 20 minutes, 10 minutes later she was born. I couldn’t believe it.”

“Doing it alone was an incredible experience,” Gabriela went on to say.

“It didn’t seem like she was coming and there were no signs of labor,” Gabriela said. “I was shocked when the contractions started, and my husband was already at work. The contractions quickly got worse, and my waters broke at 8:20 A.M. I realized she was coming imminently.”

Though she was a pro after having 5 other children, Gabriela said, “I was scared, and I didn’t really know what to do. I pushed and she was suddenly out and on the floor.”

“They just got the bleeding under control and the two of us could come home again that day,” she said.

She continued saying, “Miguel thought the ambulance would have got there in time, so I think he feels bad that I had to do it alone. But it was a magical and scary experience, and I realized my Ring camera captured it all, so I have her birth to look back on.”

Aurora is now six months old.  Aurora and her siblings – Miguel, 10, Valerie, 9, Edan, 6, Elizabeth, 4, and Adrian, 2 are all doing well.

Gabriela said, “She’s doing really well and growing fast. It was an emotional and crazy experience, but I wouldn’t change anything.”



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