Wife Saves ‘Dead’ Husband Just As Docs Were About To Do The Unthinkable

A North Carolina Pastor and father of three, is fighting for his life after being declared dead by doctors.

Ryan Marlow, 37, was rushed to the hospital after battling a foodborne bacterial illness called listera.  Marlow had severe swelling on his brain and became comatose.

On August 27th, Ryan’s wife, Megan, was told that her husband was clinically brain dead.

“[A nurse] said ,’Your husband has passed.’ Those were the words that were used.” Megan told local news outlet WXII12.

Megan spent the next couple of days mourning her husband and taking care of her children who are all under the age of 6. Ryan remained on life support due to his status as an organ donor.

On August 29, Megan received a phone call from the doctor at the hospital saying that Ryan had suffered traumatic brain damage and that they would change the time of death from August 27th to the following morning of August 30th.  This was when Ryan’s organs would be harvested and his life support would be switched off.

Megan confirmed with the doctor, saying, “I said, ‘He’s still pretty much brain dead right?’ and I was told yes.”

The following morning, Megan went to say her goodbyes to her husband and the father of her children.

As she arrived though, another relative visiting Ryan met Megan and told her that Ryan had just moved his feet when he was shown videos of his family!

Megan immediately took action and said, “I went into the hallway. Literally the OR team was ready to take him, and I tell the nurse ‘I need tests done now to see if he’s brain dead.’“

Surprisingly, the tests showed that blood was actually flowing to Ryan’s brain.  He was not clinically brain dead.

In a video posted on Facebook, Megan said, “Long story short, he’s not brain dead, my friends. God’s kept him here. He’s supposed to be dead, he’s supposed to be at the funeral home right now according to these doctors.”

Ryan remains on life support and doctors don’t believe he will be able to make a full recovery.

However, Megan shares her husbands faith and is praying for another miracle.  In another update on September 6th, Megan said “Ryan has had some big movements today as well. He pulled his knees together, moved both feet and hands, and moved his right shoulder almost like he was trying to move his whole arm. I watched his muscles flex down his arm to his fingers. He has also had eye movements under his lids. Thank you Lord for the glimmers of hope!”

New York Post


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