Wife Reports Ben Potter Pass Away

Hello everyone, today, we have some sad news to share. A beloved YouTube star, known to his fans as Comicstorian, has passed away unexpectedly at the age of 40. His real name was Ben Potter, and his wife, Nathalie, shared the heartbreaking news with his more than 3 million subscribers. Ben’s passing was the result of “an unfortunate accident,” according to a lengthy update Nathalie posted on X.

Nathalie’s message was filled with love and admiration for her late husband. She wrote, “To many of you, he was Comicstorian, voicing stories from across multiple different mediums.

To his loved ones, he was one of the best and most supportive individuals anyone could ask for.” She described Ben as a loving and genuine person, always ready to listen and make time for his loved ones. Whether as a husband, a son, a brother, a friend, or even just a stranger, Ben made a positive impact on those around him.

Nathalie also shared her need for privacy and time to grieve. “I need time to be with friends and family. I have so many things I need to figure out but firstly, I need to grieve. I ask that you respect my privacy as well as everyone else’s,” she wrote. Her priority now is preserving everything Ben built, particularly his YouTube channel, which he cherished deeply.

Ben’s channel was indeed one of his greatest accomplishments. Nathalie expressed her determination to continue his legacy, writing, “The team and I want to keep that going.

To honor him by continuing to tell great stories by great people, as well as to keep the memory of our very own superhero alive.” Ben spent over a decade sharing his love for comics and storytelling, creating over 4,000 videos. His final upload, “Why DC’s Reboots Beat Marvel,” was shared just a day before his passing.

The online community responded with an outpouring of love and respect for Ben. Among them was O’Shea Jackson Jr., Ice Cube’s son, who took a break from his Twitter hiatus to pay tribute.

He wrote, “Rest in Peace to Comicstorian. I’m heartbroken to hear this news. One of my favorite follows on YouTube, thank you so much for your work man I was a huge fan.” He also sent prayers to Ben’s loved ones and encouraged everyone to hold their loved ones tight.

Ben Potter will be remembered for his passion, creativity, and the joy he brought to so many. His legacy lives on through the stories he told and the community he built. Rest in peace, Ben.

Folks, remember to cherish your loved ones and take a moment to appreciate those who bring light into your life.

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