Watch: You Won’t Believe What Miller Lite Has Done This Christmas

Some things go together like beer and cheese, but Christmas trees and Miller Lite? Not so sure.  However, some feel they’re the perfect match as Miller Lite’s limited-time offer of their Christmas tree keg stand is sold out.

Every year, Miller Lite releases special holiday-themed items, but this year, the company has gone all out with this Christmas tree stand that is sure to make your holiday parties a hit.

The limited-edition Christmas Tree Keg Stand allows you to “tap into the holiday spirit” and drink draft Miller Lite beer right from your Christmas tree.

The tree stand is a fully functioning dispenser and tree stand that holds trees up to five feet tall. The Keg sits in a box that is wrapped like a present and comes complete with a ribbon and Miller Lite logos. The box opens in the front so you can have not only your fill of Christmas lights but of beer as well!

For those 21 years and older, the stand can fit a quarter barrel keg and costs around $50- Keg and tree not included!

The tree stand went on sale November 10th and quickly sold out, but Miller lite does not disappoint if you’d like to purchase more of their holiday-themed decor.

They also offer Miller Lite inspired knitwear and their infamous Beermanents.  The ornament is completely functional and of course, comes with space for — you guessed it — beer.

As described on KTLA,

The ornament is designed to fit around an 8-ounce can of the brand’s eponymous light beer (in theory, if you’re not into Miller Lite, you could also place your own preferred can inside — at least, provided it’s 8-ounces). After consuming the alcoholic beverage, you can then add a bit of festive cheer to your or someone else’s Christmas tree by adding the decoration via the hook and tab it comes with, according to a news release.

Sofia Colucci, global vice president of Miller brands, said in a news release, “This season there’s truly no better gift to leave under a beer lover’s tree than the tree stand itself! Last year, we decorated the tree with Beernaments, and this year, we’re literally putting the gift of Miller Time right under the tree with the Christmas Tree Keg Stand.”
Miller Lite’s holiday-themed merch will be available on


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