Watch: US Coast Guard Gets Called After Cruise Ship Goes Crazy

It was total chaos after an all-out brawl broke out between at least 60 passengers that were aboard the Carnival Magic cruise ship.

Witness Theresa James told Fox News that the fight started around 2:00 am on the fifth floor where a dance club and casino are.

According to reports, an alleged threesome took place between passengers, and when their significant others found out they were upset. That started an all-out melee that lasted an hour and took place on multiple floors throughout the ship.

Security on the ship was able to get some control but was forced to call the Coast Guard for assistance. Around 4 am a boarding team hopped on the vessel and the ship was escorted to a pier.

“Security onboard the boat attempted to de-escalate the situation and subsequently called for the Coast Guard,” the NYPD said. “The Coast Guard escorted the cruise ship to Pier 88, confines of the MTN Precinct. Uniformed personnel and Traffic Agents met the ship and the ship disembarked passengers without further incident.”

There were some minor injuries from broken beer bottles according to authorities.

Carnival is calling the massive brawl an “altercation.”

“Last night while Carnival Magic was returning to New York, a number of guests were involved in an altercation in a nightclub. Thankfully no serious injuries were reported and our onboard security team intervened,” the statement read. “The ship arrived as scheduled this morning and shoreside law enforcement authorities were notified and met the ship to interview suspects and witnesses and conduct an investigation.”

Authorities are trying to figure out the ship’s location when the fight broke out because it will determine who will handle the investigation. The cruise liner was heading to NYC but may have been in international waters when the fight initially occurred.

New York Post


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