Watch Teen Show Amazing Bravery Surviving The Devastating Kentucky Floods

A teenager named Chloe Adams was stuck on a roof for hours during the devastating floods in Eastern Kentucky. A video that has gone viral on social media shows her rescue.

Chloe said her rescue came at the right time as she was drained after what seemed like endless hours on the rooftop.

Adams recounted, “It was scary, because I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it because as soon as I got off the porch, I knew there was no turning back,”

Adams continued saying it was a traumatic experience but she knew she could die if she didn’t get out of her flooded house.

In the early hours of Thursday, July 28, Adams was awoken by flood waters making its way into her home.

“I woke up to like a gurgling noise coming from my bathroom,” she said.

As Adams looked out the window, she could see that her situation was dire. Water was moving in quickly.  She grabbed her dog Sandy and rushed outside.

“When the water was pretty much up to my waist in the house. And I knew I needed to get out,” Adams said.

Knowing that there was no other alternative, Adams began to swim.

“I did have thoughts where I might die in this situation, and I might lose my dog, you know, it was very scary,” she said.

Adams continued to swim through strong currents and rapidly growing waters and made it to the roof of a garage next to her uncle’s home. Her other family members were already at the home of her uncle. From the window, her family members tried to keep her calm.

Adams remained on the roof for five hours.

Thankfully, her cousin, Larry Adams came to the rescue, “I just jumped in the boat. And she was the first thing I saw when I rounded that dam,”

Larry was amazed at her resiliency. “She made that incredible swim. If you can imagine that. The river is here. The creek is there. And so the confluence is almost right in between. So she swam. She swam through the current to get there,” he said.

As Adams was drained of any remaining strength and stranded for endless hours, her cousin came at just the right moment.

Adams said, “I was really glad to be able to get off that rooftop and finally put my feet on land again, and be able to walk out there safe.”

Thankfully Adams was found alive and well. Our prayers go out to the community who continues to rebuild after these devastating floods.



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