WATCH: Prank Wars- Luke Bryan is No Match for His Wife Caroline’s Antics

It’s almost that time of year again—time for the Bryan family’s annual 12 Days of Pranksmas!

Every December, country music superstar Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline get together to prank each other, their family members, and even Caroline’s staffers at her clothing and merchandise company, Best Bad Influence.

This year, the Bryans are also opening up Pranksmas to fans, inviting people to submit videos of them pranking their loved ones. The Top 10 pranks will be featured on Caroline’s social media, and the pranksters will receive a $200 Visa gift card.

This year, Day 5 of Pranksmas was all about the airhorn—a staple of any prankster’s toolkit. Caroline posted a video montage of her sneaking up behind just about everyone in the house and giving them a good scare with the air horn.

The reactions ranged from screams to jumps and bewildered looks, but when it was Luke’s turn to be pranked, he had a surprisingly subdued reaction: he turned, jumped, let an expletive fly, and then went back to the sandwich he was eating.

In another prank, Caroline, Luke’s wife, got the help of retired MLB star Adam LaRoche and stole Luke’s pickup truck from their garage and put it up for auction. Caroline and Adam’s late-night thieving was documented on video, as was the moment when Luke discovered his vehicle was missing right out of their garage. Eventually, a call from LaRoche revealed the truth and Luke laughed it off.


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It’s no surprise that Luke was unfazed by the airhorn—after all, he’s been the target of Caroline’s pranks in the past, and he’s proven that he can dish it out as well as he can take it. In fact, Caroline kicked off this year’s Pranksmas by tricking Luke’s mom LeClaire into saying a NSFW phrase on camera.

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