Watch: Mounted Officer Goes On A Foot Chase

Around 6:45 pm, a vendor near West 40th Street and Seventh Ave in New York City informed an officer on horseback that seven pairs of sunglasses had been stolen from him. When the victim approached the alleged 34-year-old thief, he threatened him with a piece of broken glass.

Shortly after the alleged theft, the mounted officer found the suspect and began speaking with him. Unfortunately, there is no audio, but after a few moments, the suspect – wearing a black sweatshirt and red backpack – turns and sprints away.

That’s when the mounted officer, with his trusty steed Samson, gave chase galloping down the busy streets of New York. The chase led the officer over large sewer grates and even down the opposite way of a one-way street.

Oh, and there’s more where that came from, and you can watch it all in the video below.

Eventually, other officers in the area joined the chase, and the suspect was arrested on charges of robbery, menacing, and criminal possession of a weapon.

New York City Commissioner Keechant Sewell applauded the officer in a post celebrating “our 10-foot cop” steed Samson.

There have certainly been some weird police chases lately.

Cumberland, Indiana, police were shocked when a very elusive goat led them on a wild police chase.

“This morning, Officers were alerted to a possibly injured goat in between some homes along Woodlark Drive. Captain Crooke II arrived and found the goat in the backyard of a residence. The goat did not belong to the resident and it was unknown who the animal belonged to,” the police department said.

You can watch the wild video here!


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