WATCH: Jenna Bush’s 9 Year Old Daughter Reveals Embarrassing Secrets About Her Mom On Live TV

Jenna Bush Hager’s oldest daughter is not afraid to speak her mind and reveal her mom’s most embarrassing secrets on Live TV!

The Today with Hoda & Jenna show was met with a surprise appearance from Hager’s daughter, Margaret “Mila” Laura, live on air on Tuesday.

During the show, Hoda calls over Jenna’s daughter. Through a series of questions, Hoda coaxed embarrassing secrets from Mila about her mom.

Mila started innocently enough by revealing that her family plans to adopt a cat. Then Hoda asked Mila if she knew what Hoda loved about her mom the most.

“You know when I love her the most, Mila? When she’s laughing so hard she can’t catch her breath,” said Kotb, 58.

That was all the prompting Mila needed as she said, “Yeah, one time she was laughing in our living room, and she peed her pants!” She then continued, “You changed your pajamas!”

“Thank you, Mila,” Bush Hager, 41, said, clearly embarrassed. “Thank you so much.”

Hoda, seeing a prime opportunity to find out more, asked,  “Is that the last one?” As Jenna attempted to get her daughter off the set during Tuesday’s broadcast. “I think Hoda is trying to get the truth bombs out, but no more,” Jenna added.

Mila, feeling the attention, took a few seconds and then exclaimed, “She never wears underwear! She is not wearing it right now! I saw her change!”

Mortified, Jenna Bush Hager quickly said, “OK, goodbye! Goodbye, I love you!” Mila laughingly left the stage, and Jenna put her hands over her face in embarrassment as she quickly changed the subject.

According to Jenna, her daughter Mila has been known to state her opinions boldly.

Jenna went on to tell a story of her daughter after Jenna returned home from a trip to Scotland. She said Mila greeted her with a hug and some very forward comments about her appearance.

“And she did, she held me so tight but immediately she kind of looked back,” shared Bush Hager during a September episode of Today. “Then looked at me and said, ‘you’re right, mom.'”

“I’m like, ‘I’m right about what?'” she asked, to which Mila said, “You do look better in makeup.”

Jenna Bush Hager and her husband, Henry Hager, share three children. Mila is the oldest at nine years old.  They also share Poppy Louise, who is seven, and their son Henry “Hal” Harold, who is three years old.



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