Watch: Insanity Ensues After A Grandmother & A Flight Attendant Get Into Over A Cup Of Gin

An elderly woman became aggressive towards a male flight attendant after having her request for champagne rejected and then having her gin and tonic removed.

The woman was caught on video slapping a flight attendant. The incident took place on a British airline fight from Manchester, UK to Rhodes, Greece.

Apparently, the woman was upset about not getting her champagne, so she ordered a gin and tonic. However, the woman became increasingly aggressive and the flight attendant took away her gin.

Video footage can be seen of the flight attendant trying to calm the woman down, however, she was not to be deterred.

The attendant can be seen trying to keep her hands from flying around.  The woman stands up and he follows suit.  It is then that she starts repeatedly slapping the attendant.

The pilot was forced to divert the plane.  The woman has not been named and was escorted off of the plane by nine police officers.

A spokesperson for the airline apologized saying, “We would like to apologize to customers for this unforeseen delay and any inconvenience caused.”

The spokesperson went on to say, “We can confirm that flight LS819 from Manchester to Rhodes was diverted to Munich Airport yesterday so that a disruptive passenger could be offloaded.”

The video was first shared on TikTok and had over 25,000 comments.

One person wrote, “Disgusting and unacceptable behavior anywhere especially in a flight, what the hell is wrong with people?”

Another said, “Welcome to the no-fly list.”

Another passenger on the flight reported saying, “She began to get aggressive so the flight attendant removed her drink,” the passenger claimed. “She started swearing and having violent outbursts. At one point she got up and tried to open the cabin door mid-flight.”

The airline spokesperson said, “The health and safety of our colleagues and customers remain our number one priority and, as a family-friendly airline, we take a zero-tolerance approach to disruptive behavior. We will not hesitate to vigorously pursue any costs incurred as a result of this diversion.”

New York Post


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