Watch: Firefighters Rescue Florida Woman trapped In Car During Hurricane Ian

The Category 4 hurricane hit Florida’s southwest coast Wednesday afternoon, causing catastrophic damage, fierce winds, and dangerous, record-breaking storm surges.

Much of Florida saw severe flooding, which swept away cars, structures, and homes as well as washed out roads.

Many rescuers and fire crews have been working around the clock working to rescue as many as they can.  It was in one of these moments that a fire crew was recorded during a  rescue of a Florida resident stuck inside a vehicle submerged by floodwater.

The video was shared by the Naples fire department. In the video, you can see a firefighter carefully making his way through the surging water to break the rear passenger-side window in order to rescue a woman trapped in her submerged car.

Located on Florida’s southwestern coast, Naples, saw several feet of flooding, destroying homes, roads, and businesses.

Shortly after 1 p.m. on Wednesday, the Naples Police Department put out a Twitter post stating that an emergency citywide curfew was in effect until further notice.

Hurricane Ian, was category 4 on landfall, with 150 mph sustained winds.

According to abc news, at least 94 deaths in Florida have been attributed to the hurricane.

A report from CNN stated,

Those lucky enough to survive face an arduous road to recovery. More than 689,000 homes, businesses and other customers in Florida still did not have power as of Sunday evening, according to Many are without clean tap water, with well over 100 boil-water advisories in places around the state, according to Florida Health Department data.

Sadly, there are plenty of videos emerging that have recorded the devastation hitting Florida and other states. As you can see in the footage below, flooding is extreme with the loss in the billions.

According to Wikipedia,

Ian caused catastrophic damage in parts of Southwest Florida, mostly from flooding due to extreme storm surges and rainfall. In particular, the cities of Fort Myers Beach and Naples were impacted strongly. Millions were left without power in the storm’s wake, and several inhabitants were forced to take refuge on their roofs. Sanibel suffered major flooding as well and its causeway collapsed. Pine Island (Lee County, Florida) also suffered extreme damage and flooding, with the bridge to Fort Myers being leveled.



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