Watch: Drunk Wedding Guest Almost Sets The Entire Reception Ablaze But Never Misses A Beat

A social media video showed a drunk wedding guest almost setting the reception ablaze.

In the video, a guest named Craig (or Greg) is seen very tipsy, holding two sparklers in both hands while onlookers laugh as he dances.

However, while he was dancing with another female reveler, the sparkler set a pampas grass centerpiece on fire, and it quickly escalated.

“Ah, fire! Fire!” screamed the guest while Craig (or Greg) just stood looking at it calmly, shaking his booty.

As people scrambled for water to put out the fire Craig decided to use his arm to extinguish the blaze.

In the video below, the merry man, wearing a suit, sticks an arm in the blaze pushing it to the ground and stamps it out. Without missing a beat after putting out the fire he immediately resumes dancing.

However when these things happen there’s always a party pooper. An agitated woman wearing a hat shows up and snaps at Craig, demanding that he settle down.


Crazy things happen at weddings all the time.

Eliot Granville, 34, of San Antonio, caught more than just her husband on her wedding night.

“It was perfect,” Eliot Granville told Fox News Digital. “We had a great day.”

Around 10pm the reception had whined down, when her husband Erie turned around a asked if she would like to go fishing at the pier even though she was still in her reception dress.

“It was kind of just like a last-minute thing that we decided to do,” Granville said.

Eliot said that she was getting annoyed because, for 45 minutes, a fish kept taking her bait. Finally, she felt a tug, set the hook and the fight was on.

“I set the hook, and then I started reeling it in,” Granville said. “At first, I thought that maybe I was stuck on something on the bottom because the fish was so large – I’ve never caught a fish that large.”

“And then I realized that there was actually a fish on there,” she added.
Eliot had to be careful because she wasn’t using a fishing pole that was designed to handle a fish the size of the one on her line.

Little did the bride know, she was in for a fight with a monster, click here to read more. 



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