Watch-Computer Programmer’s Life Changed Forever By Shocking Incident!

A Long Island man visiting Las Vegas for a bachelor party found himself at the center of a bizarre incident over the weekend. Brian Danilczyk, 35, allegedly engaged in erratic behavior, including assaulting a one-legged man and dancing naked on a poker table at a popular casino. However, his family insists that he was not responsible for his actions, claiming that someone spiked his drink with a hallucinogenic drug.

According to his wife, Michele Danilczyk, in separate interviews with The Post, Brian’s uncharacteristic behavior was a direct result of a substance unknowingly added to his beverage. Michele adamantly emphasized that her husband is a respectable individual who would never act in such a manner voluntarily. She held the person responsible for drugging Brian accountable for his actions, stating that he was the true criminal.

“I will start by saying that we are good people and my husband is a great person. He would NEVER act in such a way. He is the victim.” “The person who chose to drug my husband is the true criminal and is to blame for such behavior,” she said. “His drink was laced with some type of drug that caused a severe hallucinogenic reaction.”

The incident unfolded at the Bird Bar in the Flamingo Hotel around 11:20 p.m. on Sunday. Allegedly, Brian punched a one-legged man before fleeing onto the Las Vegas Strip. In a peculiar turn of events, he proceeded to disrobe and entered Harrah’s Hotel and Casino, where he danced naked on a poker table, displaying lewd behavior. Authorities eventually apprehended Brian, charging him with disorderly conduct, battery, and five counts of indecent exposure.

Brian’s father, William Danilczyk, described his son as being in an “altered state of mind” during the events. He explained that Brian and his friends were outside discussing homeowners insurance when someone inside the bar purchased a round of drinks for everyone. After consuming their drinks, Brian started feeling unusual and paranoid, prompting him to flee. Despite having no recollection of the incident, Brian’s family firmly believes that his beverage was laced with a potent hallucinogenic substance.

The family is currently seeking medical assistance, including toxicology tests, to determine the exact nature of the drug that may have been administered to Brian. They insist that their lives have been negatively impacted by the incident and express gratitude for having him back home safely.

Brian, a computer programmer with a degree from Villanova University, recently purchased a house with his expectant wife, who is currently 33 weeks pregnant. The family eagerly awaits putting this distressing incident behind them and returning to their otherwise happy and blessed life.

Law enforcement authorities in Las Vegas continue to investigate the incident, including surveillance footage from the casino. While the details of the alleged drink-spiking incident are being explored, the consequences and potential legal ramifications for those involved remain uncertain.

New York Post


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