Watch: Clueless Couple Almost Blow Themselves Up After Tesla Fail

This is why there are warnings on shampoo bottles.

A couple was filmed trying to inflate their Telsa car tires with propane.

In fairness to the couple, it appears that it was a rental and that they are foreigners. However, both of them seemed to have a fair grasp of the English language and knew what propane was when the man filming stopped them.

First off, I would be driving right back to the rental place if the vehicle I was given tires weren’t inflated properly (especially if I’m renting a $100,000 car).

Thank goodness someone was there to stop them.

Crazy things can happen on the road, below is a video showing why oversized loads are supposed to have escorts.

Sometimes crazy accidents happen, like when a Long Island teenage girl accidentally drove her car into the ocean.

Mia Samolinski, 18, was parked by the docks in Patchogue Bay and mistakenly used the accelerator instead of the brake driving her car right into the water.

Lucky for her, Anthony Zhongor, 17, saw it happen and dove into the water.

“She went pretty deep in there,” Zhongor said. “She was banging on the door, banging on the window, trying to break the window, of course, and that kind of got me nervous, scared for her, so I just took my clothes off and went into the water.”

“He jumped out of his car and jumped in, and because of that, my daughter is alive and not really harmed,” said Charles, Mia’s father. “It’s a miracle.”

A few weeks after the incident Zhongor graduated from high school and shipped out to South Carolina to attend Marine Corps boot camp.


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