Watch As Firefighters Rescue Man With Seconds To Spare

The Portage Department of Public Safety recently responded to a two-vehicle crash that resulted in a dramatic rescue of a man pinned inside a flipped car at the intersection of Shaver Road and West Centre Avenue.

According to the Portage Department of Public Safety, Police and firefighters in Portage responded around 6:20 a.m. on Friday to a report of a two-vehicle crash at the intersection of Shaver Road and West Centre Avenue.

According to the police, a Chevy Cruz and a Jeep were involved in the accident. The Jeep had rolled onto its side, straddling the railroad tracks, trapping the driver inside. The man was unable to move due to back pain.

“Firefighters began to assess the driver of the Jeep who was complaining of severe back pain to the point that he was unable to extricate himself,” the Portage MI Department of Public Safety – Police & Fire explained in a social media post.

At the same time, a southbound train was approaching the intersection. Firefighters knew they had to act fast in order to save the driver’s life. After assessing the situation, they raced to drag the man to safety seconds before the train entered the intersection and struck the Jeep.

“Firefighters, realizing what was about to take place, quickly removed the driver of the Jeep by dragging him to a safe location just seconds before a southbound train entered the intersection and struck the vehicle,” the department said.

The driver was taken to a local hospital for treatment, though no update on his condition was immediately available. The driver of the Chevy Cruz was uninjured.

People were quick to praise the firefighters on Facebook for their bravery with one person saying, “Wow, this is a story of competence and bravery, quick wittedness and courageous action. Good job to those involved who helped.”

Another said, “The firefighters are truly good men! They are heroes who saved that man’s life. I know that intersection, but don’t know how such a terrible crash would happen to flip a vehicle over and onto the tracks, so let us know, when you find out. Thank you , firefighters and first responders for being there so early in the morning to save their lives! Good job!!! Yay!”

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