Watch: A Very Cheeky Animal Goes On A Jailbreak Leading Police On A Wild Backyard Chase

You’ll often hear police officers say they enjoy their job because they never know what might happen. Well, I guarantee you the officers in Cumberland, Indiana, did not know the bizarre foot chase they would get into when they showed up for work.

The Cumberland Metropolitan Police Department wrote in a Facebook post:

This morning, Officers were alerted to a possibly injured goat in between some homes along Woodlark Drive. Captain Crooke II arrived and found the goat in the back yard of a residence. The goat did not belong to the resident and it was unknown who the animal belonged to.
Captain Crooke and Marion County Animal Care & Control Officer believed the goat to be in need of medical assistance and had to wrangle him so that he could be cared for and find out where he belongs.
This video shows Captain Crooke and Animal Care & Control, very skillfully, detaining the goat.
THANKFULLY, the goat was not injured and just happened to be lost. He is being well fed and made comfortable until proper ownership can be found. If you know where the goat belongs, please contact us or Marion County Animal Care & Control.
No Officers or Animals were hurt during this incident.


According to WTHR, it is still unknown who the animal belongs to.

A very similar incident took place in Oklahoma City when a cow escaped, and two cowboys showed up to capture it.

In the video, two ATVs attempt to corner the cow up against a fence on the side of the highway, but it slipped through.

That was when a cowboy on horseback ran it down, lassoing the animal.

“Get him, get him, stay on him,” a man in the helicopter is heard saying in the video. Just as the cowboy successfully lassoed the animal the man cheers, “Yes! Yes! You go him, you got him, you got. Whoohoo! That is awesome.”

The cow with the lasso around its neck begins to slow in the middle of a busy intersection.  Then, a second cowboy quickly rode up and lassoed the animal’s hind legs, knocking it to the ground and securing it.

According to KOCO 5, there was a malfunction with the back gate of a trailer transporting cattle, and one of the animals broke loose.

If you would like to watch the video, click here. 




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