Virginia Elementary School Closes After Devastating Shooting By Six-Year-Old Student

The heartbreaking news broke on Friday of a six-year-old boy who has been taken into custody after he allegedly deliberately shot his first-grade teacher at his Virginia elementary school, leaving her critically ill.

The incident occurred at Richneck Elementary School, a school for kids aged five to nine, just before 2 pm. The unidentified female teacher, who is in her 30s, was reportedly shot in the stomach and has been taken to Riverside Regional Medical Center. It was confirmed by Newport News Chief Scott Drew that the individual in custody is a six-year-old student and the shooting was not an accident.

The grandmother of one of the students who asked not to be named said that a child had reportedly “brought bullets to school last week and said he would bring his gun.”

“A parent told the school they did nothing, now look,” she wrote on Facebook.

In an interview with, she said, “The parents outside stated that their child told them a kid brought golden shiny bullets to school and was thinking about bringing his gun. The student told the parent, who informed the school. And the school just yesterday got back to the parent saying the parent of the kid said it was a nerf bullet and the parent said nerf bullets aren’t shiny and gold.”

The grandmother was not positive if the child who brought the bullets is the same child allegedly involved in the shooting today.

Superintendent George Parker did confirm that the school has the capability of metal detecting students, although they do not perform the test on every student, every day.

The parents of the students, as well as Mayor Phillip Jones, commended the police for their swift responses and for ensuring that everyone was safe. The Uvalde Foundation For Kids also released a statement, highlighting the need to prioritize the protection of our schools, our students, and the communities who care for them.

Daily Mail


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