VIDEO: Tennis Star Stirs Controversy After A ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’

Bianca Andreescu got off to a rocky start at the US Open Campaign, which she blames on her outfit provided to her by Nike.

During Andreescu’s first-round match against France’s Harmony Tan, Andreescu was increasingly unhappy with her outfit.  So much so that she requested the umpire allow her to change into a new outfit and have it not counted as an official bathroom break. Apparently, the wind gusts appeared to impact her wardrobe and performance. Adreescu placed the blame on the uncomfortable outfit that her long-standing working relationship with Nike provided for her.

Adreescu said to the umpire, “Can this not count as one of my changeovers because, I mean, it’s not my fault, it’s Nike’s fault. This dress is so bad.”

Once Adreescu got the approval, she said, “OK, I need to go. This is really bad.”

Adreescu later said, “I meant no disrespect with what I said to the umpire. I was trying to convince him to not take away that washroom break, cause I know we only get two. He was very nice to say it was totally okay.”

As far as the tennis match, once changed, Adreescu rose to the top at the US Open.

Yahoo Sports reported:

Andreescu rose to prominence at the 2019 US Open, defeating Serena Williams to capture her first major, and rose to No. 4 in the world rankings later that fall while winning the Lou Marsh Trophy, awarded to Canada’s best athlete. The 22-year-old is looking to return to form again after taking a mental health hiatus to begin the 2022 season. She recently advanced to the third round of the National Bank Open before being upset by China’s Zheng Qinwen in a three-set loss.

Monday’s outfit snafu appeared to be a minor distraction.

Andreescu said of Nike, “I could have definitely used a different choice of wording. So I apologize to anyone I disrespected. I love Nike and I hope I can be with them for the rest of my life.”

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