Update: Indiana Moms Capture Kidnapping Suspect and Save Baby’s Life!

Update: We previously reported on the news that broke about 5-month-old twins Kason and Kyair Thomas who had been kidnapped. Thankfully, Kyair was soon found, but Kason was still missing — and authorities issued an Amber alert.

That’s when two Indiana mothers stepped in to help. Shyann Delmar and her cousin Mecka Curry put their heads together and decided to take matters into their own hands.

It all started when Delmar bought some toys from the suspect, Nalah Jackson, who had allegedly been selling them out of her car. Delmar felt something was off, and the next day she spotted a mugshot of Jackson on social media. Suspicious, she contacted the police.

Delmar and Curry then had an idea to lure Jackson into their car. They told her they wanted to buy more toys, and when she got into the vehicle, the police pulled them over and arrested her.

But Kason was still missing. Knowing Jackson had been traveling by bus, the two women decided to check bus stops in the area. After an exhaustive search, they finally spotted a Honda in a parking lot and saw a baby inside. They flagged down police, who rescued the boy — it was Kason, and he was wearing the same clothes he had when he was kidnapped.

The two women’s heroic actions have been praised by authorities, who thanked them for their help in solving the case. Kason’s grandmother, LaFonda Thomas, also expressed her gratitude.

“Mecka and Shyann, I appreciate you. My family appreciates you,” Thomas said during an interview with News 5. “What you guys did, it took courage.”

Delmar and Curry’s bravery and quick thinking is a testament to the power of the human spirit in the face of adversity. In a world where terrible news seems to be the norm, we can take heart from stories like this, and be reminded that there are still good people out there willing to help.



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