UFC Social Media Star in Hot Water After Wild Celebrations!

TikTok star and UFC promoter, Hasbulla Magomedov has recently been arrested. Hasbulla, who rose to fame during the pandemic with his charismatic videos and distinctive voice, found himself in hot water recently after wedding celebrations took an unexpected turn. The 3-foot, 3-inch 20-year-old social media sensation and his entourage, known for their love of flashy cars and daredevil antics, were caught on camera causing quite a commotion on the roads of Dagestan, Russia. Hasbulla suffers from Grwoth Hormone deficiency or ‘Dwarfism’.

According to Red Corner MMA, a video emerged showing Hasbulla and his crew blocking traffic and engaging in some wild driving maneuvers, including daring doughnuts and drifting on a major highway. Talk about bringing the party to the streets! It’s no wonder this eye-catching incident caught the attention of both fans and authorities alike.

In response to the video, the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Dagestan voiced their disapproval, stating that such “unbridled wedding fun” is a known phenomenon in the region but shouldn’t be mistaken for a celebration. The agency emphasized that the reckless behavior, including car collisions and burning rubber, has nothing to do with the joyous occasion of matrimony.

As the video circulated, the consequences swiftly followed. Hasbulla and his friends found themselves in custody, facing administrative charges for their traffic violations. The State Traffic Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan wasted no time in drawing up administrative protocols for all involved in the incident.

Apologies soon followed from Hasbulla’s Instagram account, where the star has amassed a whopping 8 million followers. In a statement, the account expressed regret for the incident, acknowledging that they had attempted to stir up some excitement. However, they assured fans that such antics wouldn’t be repeated, taking responsibility for their actions. Looks like even our beloved TikTok sensation understands the need to draw the line when it comes to crossing traffic boundaries!

In a surprising turn of events, Hasbulla’s official Twitter account has launched the hashtag #FreeBulla, leaving fans wondering whether the consequences might extend beyond administrative penalties. Could there be a chance of jail time for our pint-sized influencer? Only time will tell, and we’ll be here to keep you posted on any new developments.



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