Twin Sisters Come To The Rescue During A Crazy Emergency At 31,000 Feet

Twin sisters came to the rescue of a woman who was having a diabetic emergency while aboard a plane from Boston to Fort Myers, Fl on Monday, August 1.

The woman was found unresponsive in the restroom on the plane.

Nicole Kelly, a traveling nurse, and her sister Lindsay Byrne, a firefighter and Paramedic were both aboard the JetBlue aircraft when they heard a request over the plane’s intercom.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Kelly said,  “I had just woken from a nap and heard that the medical team had been activated — and about a minute later the flight attendant asked for any and all medical personnel available to help.”

The sisters who are in their late 20s did not hesitate to help a stranger in need.

FoxNews reported,

But Nicole Kelly said she saw her sister, Lindsay, “run up there first. The woman was unresponsive in the bathroom — we got her out but weren’t sure [at first] what was going on with her.”

Kelly added, “When we had her out, we heard a faint beeping — that’s when we noticed it was a blood sugar monitor. So we knew it was her blood sugar and that it was a diabetic emergency.”

The sisters “had to improvise,” she said, “when we found out what was going on. We got some sugar packets and put the sugar under her tongue until it helped her regain consciousness.”

As the woman came to, Kelly stated, “she was confused and too weak to sit up in the seat.” So, the sisters stayed with her for the rest of the flight.

Kelly said, “The plane actually landed while we were kneeling in the aisle with her, right behind the cockpit. As soon as we landed, a team of medical staff was waiting for her. As far as we know, she was traveling alone.”

Lindsay Byrne shared, “When we heard they needed help, there wasn’t much to think about. For me as a firefighter and paramedic, tones go off several times throughout the day — and I don’t always know what the call is.” 

Byrne came to the call of a flight attendant. Bryne stated, “The attendant just said that the woman was unresponsive and she didn’t know what to do, she couldn’t feel for a pulse, said she wasn’t breathing.”

Byrne stated they had to act and think quickly-  “with diabetics — because their levels can go so low so quickly — you can use food and sugar to treat a patient, which was available.”


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