Twin 5 Month Old Brothers Abducted in Carjacking: One Found, One Still Missing

People across the country are in shock after hearing about the abduction of five-month-old twin boys in Ohio this week. Kason and his twin brother, Kyair, were in their mother’s car Monday night while she picked up a DoorDash delivery when a woman stole her car.

Thankfully, Kyair was safely located near the Dayton International Airport early Tuesday morning, however, Kason remains missing and is believed to have been taken by a woman identified as Nalah Jackson, 24.

Nalah Jackson is believed to have abducted Kyair and Kason Thomass- Columbus Ohio Police

The Columbus Police Department has released surveillance images of Jackson at a Huber Heights gas station, and they have charged her with two counts of kidnapping.

However, they have not yet been able to locate her or the vehicle she is believed to have been driving. This vehicle is a black 2012 Honda Accord and was recently purchased, so it does not have a license plate or registered VIN number. It does have a torn Ohio registration sticker on the rear bumper and a white “Westside City Toys” bumper sticker.

The twins’ mother, Wilhelmina, is understandably heartbroken and is pleading for Kason’s safe return. “I just miss my baby. I miss them being together and their smiles,” she said Tuesday night. “I can tell [Kyair] misses his brother. He loved eating; that’s why I am so so worried.”

The Columbus Police Department has asked for the public’s help in locating Kason and Jackson and has urged that anyone with information contact them.

“If you have information you think can be helpful in helping us either locate Kason Thomass, locate Nalah Jackson, or even the vehicle, we want that information,” Chief Elaine Bryant said during a news conference Tuesday.

This heartbreaking story is a reminder to parents to be extra vigilant when it comes to the safety of their children. It’s important to always keep an eye on your children, especially when they are in a vehicle, and to make sure that it is always locked and secure. We hope and pray that Kason is found safely and soon reunited with his family.

New York Post


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