Tragic News On How Famed TV Host Ended Up With Dementia

On Sunday night, Wendy Williams’ son confirmed for the first time that his mother is suffering from alcohol-induced dementia in a Lifetime documentary titled ‘Where is Wendy Williams?’.

The 23-year-old Kevin Hunter Jr. revealed that doctors have told him that alcohol had begun to affect Williams’ headspace and her brain. The diagnosis came as a shock to the family, but it explains Williams’ erratic and unsociable behavior in recent years.

In the documentary, Williams’ niece Alex Finnie also opened up about the family’s struggle with Williams’ declining health. She explained that the combination of her aunt’s divorce, the pandemic, and the loss of their grandmother had taken a toll on her mental and physical health.

In one shocking scene, Williams is seen consuming multiple glasses of vodka with her lunch before openly burping in front of the camera. Other family members, including her son and nephew, revealed that Williams has a drinking problem.

The devastating diagnosis of alcohol-induced dementia was made public just days before the four-and-a-half-hour documentary aired. In a statement, Williams’ team said that sharing this news was difficult but necessary to advocate for understanding and compassion towards Williams and to raise awareness about the disease.

Frontotemporal dementia is a rare condition that affects the parts of the brain that control behavior and language. It includes primary progressive aphasia, which can cause problems with language skills.

The documentary had set out to chronicle Williams’ comeback in 2022 but had to halt filming in April of 2023 when she entered a facility to treat cognitive issues. Family members, who were also interviewed in the documentary, revealed that they were not allowed to call Williams or know her exact location. Relatives, including her sister Wanda, expressed their concerns about the lack of family involvement in Williams’ care. Wanda also believes that her sister needs to be around people who won’t take advantage of her vulnerability.

Even before Williams was placed under a guardianship, her rights and those of her family began to be stripped away. Her son explained that his power of attorney was taken away from him when the court proceeding started. He also claimed that his mom’s cognitive problems were connected to her excessive drinking.

Williams’ bank, Wells Fargo, petitioned the court to put her under guardianship, claiming that they feared she would be exploited financially. This came after her financial advisor raised concerns about her mental state.

Hunter Jr. defended himself against claims that he spent $100,000 of Williams’ money without her consent. He stated that he had always wanted the best for his mom, and he believed that she should have a family instead of a guardian. The documentary ended with Williams’ manager explaining that she was in a better place than she was a year ago, but family members still hope for her full recovery.

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