Tragedy Strikes Cher After Heartbreaking Post

Cher’s mother, Georgia Holt, passed away over the weekend. Holt was 96 years old.

Cher, 76, shared the news in a very short post on Twitter early Saturday morning saying, “Mom is gone,” with a sad-face emoji.

Just three months ago, Cher revealed on social media that her mother was hospitalized with pneumonia in September.

Saying at the time, “Sorry I’ve Been Mia. Mom’s Been Sick Off & On. She Just Got Out Of Hosp. She Had Pneumonia.” And added in a follow-up tweet, “She’s Getting Better.”

Cher previously told PEOPLE that she would get tested for COVID-19 “all the time” and tried to be “very careful” with her mother amid the 2020 holiday season.

“We have a little bubble that we’ve had all this time. We wear masks, and there’s not very many of us. It’s my sister, my brother-in-law, my mom, my assistant. And we stay far apart from each other,” speaking of her routines around family.

She continued to say, “I have to be careful too because I have asthma. … I have different health problems.”

Speaking of her mother, Cher said, “She never gave me and my sister advice because, truthfully, she knew we’d never take it. Instead, we learned about life by listening to her talk about the things she did wrong and the things she did right.”

Cher also said that she was “really strong-headed” she and her mother “fought a lot.”

Cher continued to reminisce, and told PEOPLE, “I did a couple of things like running away when I was 11. I hopped a train with my friends. I was just very adventurous – but never disrespectful. She wouldn’t have put up with that.”

She continued to speak of her mother and their relationship saying, “I had a little problem with her over Sonny [Bono], but that didn’t take her too long to get over. She listened first before making a judgment, so I could always talk to her about my romances.”


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