Tom Hanks Is Putting New Hollywood & Social Media Stars To Shame With New Venture

You certainly don’t see famous social media influencers or new Hollywood stars doing things like this. It’s all about their likes and how much of a buzz they can create about themselves.

Well, Tom Hanks is putting them all to shame.

Oscar-winner, Tom Hanks is no stranger to playing in military movies, and now he’s playing an even bigger role in real life as he launches a company with a collection of products that helps support veterans.

People reported that Tom Hanks has just announced his company called Hanx For Our Troops, a coffee and packaged goods brand that will donate 100% of its profits to veteran organizations.

The first products to launch from Hanx will feature three different coffee blends- First Class Joe, SGT. Peppermint, and Tom’s Morning Magic Blend.

 Tom, describes his Morning Magic Blend which is inspired by his childhood mornings saying, “The malt is the kicker! I’ll never forget my first taste of coffee perfected with a little milk and a dash of chocolate malt. School mornings were never quite as dreary again. You’ll set your alarm early to savor this mystical elixir ASAP.”

As stated on the website, Hanx will generously donate 100 percent of profits to veteran organizations such as the Bob Woodruff Foundation and Student Veterans of America. On the Hanx website, they give a complete list of the organizations and a breakdown of what each organization does for our veterans.

“Beyond our operational upkeep and necessary business expenses, all earnings (profits) will go towards a community of trusted organizations that provide support to veterans and their families,” the Hanx website reads.

For those who would love to support our veterans and enjoy a cup of Tom’s Morning Magic Blend or other Hanx coffees, the products will roll out in early December. You can purchase the coffee as grounds, pods, or instant coffee sticks.

Speaking of his company, Tom Hanks said, “We saw HANX as a way to support Veterans and military families, as 100% of the profits go to organizations that have proven to be of great aid to those who have served our country.  Good products for good reason.”



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