Tom Brady Strikes Deal: Could He Be Back With The NFL?

Renowned NFL quarterback Tom Brady is making headlines once again, as reports suggest he is now one step closer to transitioning from under center to the role of team overseer. According to sources, Brady has reached an agreement with Mark Davis, the owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, to purchase a portion of the team.

Discussions surrounding the potential deal between the legendary quarterback and the Las Vegas owner have been ongoing for several weeks. However, respected NFL insider Albert Breer recently confirmed that the agreement has been finalized. The final hurdle now lies in obtaining approval from at least 24 of the league’s other owners, a vote that is expected to take place in the near future.

Although the specifics of Brady’s ownership involvement are yet to be disclosed, initial reports suggest that he will not have decision-making authority in the team’s business or football affairs. Nevertheless, many industry experts, including FOX’s Jay Glazer, anticipate that Brady’s presence will have a substantial impact on the organization.

It is worth noting that this potential ownership stake in the Raiders would not be Brady’s first venture into sports ownership. He already holds ownership in a Major League Pickleball team and has a share in Davis’ WNBA team, the Las Vegas Aces. This expansion into the realm of professional football ownership showcases Brady’s continued interest in diversifying his sports portfolio.

Despite his potential new role as an NFL owner, Brady’s commitment to the game extends beyond the boardroom. Reports indicate that he is expected to join FOX’s broadcast team as a commentator starting in 2024. This dual role would allow him to share his expertise and insights with fans while also making important business decisions behind the scenes.

As the news of Brady’s potential ownership in the Raiders circulates, fans and analysts alike eagerly await the official announcement. The acquisition would undoubtedly add a new chapter to the already illustrious career of the future Hall of Famer. While the vote from fellow league owners is yet to take place, it is expected to be a formality given Brady’s stature and accomplishments within the NFL.

As the story unfolds, football enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts, in general, will be keen to see how Brady’s ownership impacts the Raiders’ organization. If the deal is approved, all eyes will be on him as he navigates this new chapter in his professional career, with the potential to leave an indelible mark on the franchise.



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