Toby Keith’s Final Recording Release: Listen

Country music fans around the world were moved as the final recording of legendary country superstar Toby Keith was released on Friday, more than a month after his passing at the age of 62 due to stomach cancer.

The poignant recording, a cover of Joe Diffie’s classic song “Ships That Don’t Come In,” was featured on country singer Hardy’s mixtape, “Hixtape,” as reported by Rolling Stone magazine.

Keith was joined by fellow country artist Luke Combs, as they alternated delivering the emotive lines of the 1992 hit. The timing of Keith’s final studio performance adds a profound layer of significance to the song, with its themes of life’s unexpected twists and unfulfilled opportunities resonating deeply.

The chorus of “Ships That Don’t Come In” pays homage to various struggles and hardships, from soldiers who have died in vain to the homeless and the disillusioned.

Despite the passage of time since Keith’s heyday performing in packed arenas, his vocals in this final recording are described as nothing short of incredible.

Hardy’s “Hixtape,” themed around Joe Diffie, features a constellation of country stars, including Clint Black, Blake Shelton, Chris Young, and Darius Rucker, contributing to a fitting tribute to the late singer’s legacy.

The announcement of Keith’s induction into the Country Hall of Fame came shortly before his untimely passing, a recognition he tragically missed by just a day.

His impact on the genre was undeniable, as evidenced by his posthumous achievement of dominating 90 percent of the top 10 songs on the Country Digital Song Sales chart. This remarkable feat surpassed even music giants like Kenny Rogers and Taylor Swift, solidifying Keith’s enduring influence in the world of country music.

Following his diagnosis in 2021, Keith reflected on his illustrious career spanning over three decades, acknowledging the enormity of his achievements and the rapid passage of time.

His catalog of music continued to soar on the country charts after his passing, with Keith becoming the first artist ever to claim nine spots in the top 10 songs on the Billboard chart.

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