The Real Darkness Behind Hollywood: James Woods Unveils Its Evil

Renowned actor James Woods recently made headlines when he claimed that Hollywood is a place far more sinister than people’s worst fears. His statement, though brief, raised eyebrows and ignited a discussion about the state of the entertainment industry. Woods’ sentiments find echoes in actor Jonathan Roumie’s earlier speech, where he highlighted the increasing darkness and demonic themes prevalent in mainstream programming. Together, these observations shed light on a concerning trend within Hollywood.

James Woods, known for his talent and outspoken nature, took to social media to respond to a fan’s question about the true extent of evil in Hollywood. In a now-deleted tweet, Woods replied, “Multiply your worst fears by 100.” While he did not elaborate further, his words struck a chord with many, prompting contemplation about the industry’s hidden underbelly.


Jonathan Roumie, star of the popular series “The Chosen,” also voiced his concerns during a speech at the March for Life earlier this year. Roumie lamented the increasing darkness and disturbing imagery portrayed in films, television shows, and music. He highlighted the prevalence of storylines involving the occult, witchcraft, demons, and even Satanic elements. Roumie noted that such content has become commonplace, both overtly and subliminally, leaving audiences spiritually and psychologically disturbed.

Roumie’s observations regarding the growing darkness in mainstream entertainment carry weight when considering the influence of media on society. As an artist within the industry, he recognizes that media acts as a powerful conduit, shaping the behavior and attitudes of young minds. Roumie expresses concern that the rejection of God, light, and community values in favor of corruptive ideologies leaves a void that can negatively impact individuals and society as a whole.

“For some time now, we have been witnesses to a mounting polarity between light and dark. We’ve seen it manifest itself in many facets of culture,” Roumie said.

“But I would like to address as I see it as an artist in the entertainment industry. In the last several years there’s been a sharp and disturbing increase in the darkness of the imagery being used in film, television, and music. The landscape has become increasingly sinister,” he continued. “And in some cases, even demonic in tone. More so than in previous years. Sometimes subliminal. Oftentimes overt. Storylines involving the occult, witchcraft, demons, and even Satanic elements are commonplace in mainstream programming. Many feature spiritually and psychologically disturbing content.”

Roumie later said how “media has become a portal to behavior and attitudes kids want to emulate that reject God, reject the light, and reject, ultimately, all those aspects of community which give life.”



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