The Little Yorkie That Could Shows A Predator Looking For A Snack Who’s Boss

A courageous female Yorkie named Coco showed a predator who was the boss.

Coco was at home on her back porch chewing on some wood shortly after the owner, Justin Dudoward said his girlfriend had just let her out while they sat in the living room.

While the dog seemed to be minding its own business a bald eagle swooped down and grabbed the pup.

The moment the eagle swoops down and grabs Coco

Just as the eagle comes into frame Coco squares up with the bird who snatches her up in their claws. The eagle then flaps its wings as the dog fights back and the struggle soon goes off-camera.

A few seconds later Coco is seen running back into the house.

The moment Coco escapes and runs back into the house.

That was when Dudoward heard his daughter scream and he opened the door to let the dog back in the home.

The little Yorkie that could came out of the bout with some scratches on her stomach caused by the eagle’s talons. Dudoward did bring Coco to a veterinarian because he noticed her intestine was hanging out a bit.

After just a few days Coco made a full recovery.

“It was really scary. We didn’t think it was that bad until we went back and looked at my doorbell camera,” Dudoward said.

Jason Dudoward owner, far-right

Wildlife experts suggest that owners use reflective metal tape, called “scare tape,” to frighten off birds of prey.

Bald eagles are able to carry up to four pounds of weight and usually hunt rabbits, squirrels, snakes, and other birds like ducks, geese, and coots.

Bird spikes, hawk-roof netting, scarecrow owls, and bird balloons also work well to keep birds away and your pets or chickens safe.

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