The Last Hawaiian Princess Just Gave An Amazing Gift

The legacy of Abigail Kawānanakoa, a descendant of Hawaii’s royal family, continues to live on through her $250 million estate. After settling numerous disputes and paying out tens of millions to various individuals, at least $100 million will be left to perpetuate Native Hawaiian culture through the foundation she established in 2001.

Growing up, Abigail embodied the complexities of Hawaii, a place where traditional Hawaiian culture coexisted with Western influence. As the great-granddaughter of a sugar baron and inheritor of vast wealth, she was a living reminder of Hawaii’s monarchy, which was overthrown by American businessmen in 1893.

In her lifetime, Abigail was a symbol of Hawaiian national identity and a passionate advocate for advancing Hawaiian culture. She supported various causes and donated to scholarships, medical bills, and funerals for Native Hawaiians. Her love for her people was demonstrated through her anonymous donations and support for protests against the construction of a giant telescope on sacred Hawaiian land.

Despite disputes over her “princess” title and claims to her royal heritage, Abigail’s legacy as a generous philanthropist and cultural preservationist will continue to impact the Native Hawaiian community for years to come. With the settling of her estate, her foundation will be able to support Hawaiian-focused schools, cultural events, and maintenance of the only remaining royal residence in America, ʻIolani Palace.

Abigail Kawananakoa, right, and her wife Veronica Gail Worth

Many Hawaiians are watching closely as the last of the “alii” or royal trusts comes to an end with Abigail’s passing. These trusts were established by the monarchy to benefit Native Hawaiians and supplement federal and state support for their education, social welfare, housing, and health. The needs of Hawaiians in these areas far exceed the capacity of these trusts, making the perpetuation of Native Hawaiian culture and traditions even more important.

Thanks to Abigail’s foresight, her foundation will continue to support traditional Hawaiian culture and language, which she believed to be essential to the well-being of the Native Hawaiian people. Her foundation will also help preserve items belonging to Hawaiian royalty and fund cultural events to educate the public about Hawaiian history and heritage.

As Hawaiians mourn the loss of their “unsung alii,” they remember her love for her people and the impact she made during her lifetime. Despite the legal disputes surrounding her estate, the focus remains on Abigail’s desire to create a lasting legacy that would make a difference for her people. With the remaining $100 million from her estate, the foundation will continue to honor her wishes and pave the way for a stronger, more vibrant Native Hawaiian community.

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