Teens Save Couple After Crazy Incident At Beach – WATCH

Two Canadian teenagers are being praised as heroes after rescuing a London couple caught in a riptide while vacationing in Barbados.

Zoe Ireland-Meklensek, 13, and her friend Emma Bassermann, 14, were boogie-boarding near the shore on Jan. 3 when they noticed the couple struggling in the water.

The Montreal teens, guided by their adrenaline, quickly rushed to help upon hearing a woman’s cries for help.

Belinda and Robert Stone, aged 64 and 68, respectively, were caught in a rip current that was pulling them out to sea. Belinda made contact with the girls first, and Zoe promptly strapped the boogie board tether to her wrist.

The girls successfully brought Belinda back to shore and then raced back into the water to rescue Robert, who was gasping for air and struggling to talk when they reached him.

Despite their fear and worry, Zoe and Emma focused on getting the couple to safety as quickly as possible. The Stones expressed gratitude to the girls for their heroics, with Belinda highlighting the girl’s serenity and poise during the couple’s rescue.

Local recognition followed the girls’ efforts, including a gift of appreciation from a local politician.

Zoe and Emma, both skilled swimmers, are relieved to have been in the right place at the right time.

They acknowledge that if either of the two girls were weaker swimmers, the situation could have been more disastrous for all four people involved. The girl’s quick thinking and bravery have garnered them praise and recognition, showcasing the impact of their actions in saving the lives of the stranded couple.