Teacher’s Horrifying Attack Leads to Mystifying Encounter with the Supernatural

A resilient Colorado elementary school teacher, Eilish Poe, has opened up about her extraordinary near-death experience following a brutal attack by her ex-boyfriend in 2020. Poe, 25, survived being stabbed 16 times by her former partner, Jonathan Crossley, 25, who later tragically ended his own life. The shocking incident occurred on November 4, 2020, when Crossley ambushed Poe in her own home after she had ended their relationship due to his intense behavior.

Poe recounted the horrifying details of the attack, revealing how Crossley had hidden in her crawlspace for 26 hours before assaulting her. Despite sustaining severe injuries, Poe managed to play dead, eventually catching sight of what she described as “crystal clear” apparitions of people who had passed away in her life. During her recent appearance on the “Otherworld” podcast, Poe detailed her remarkable encounter with these entities.

Jonathan Crossley

The first apparition Poe saw was that of her paternal grandmother, Jeanie, who had passed away in 2014. She was followed by her high school best friend, Vicky, who had tragically taken her own life in February 2020. Lastly, Poe claims to have seen Alyssa Burkett, a victim of a similar domestic violence incident, who apparently aided her in sitting upright, allowing her to call for help.

Poe’s experience has left her with a unique perspective on the phenomenon of “shadow people,” whom she claims to have encountered between 50 and 100 times during her recovery. She theorizes that these shadowy figures may represent individuals in a transitional state, possibly hovering between life and death, given her own near-death encounter.

Crossley’s violent attack resulted in Poe undergoing ten surgeries to address her injuries. The local community rallied behind her, donating over $66,000 to support her medical expenses. Meanwhile, Crossley met his demise by leaping from a cliff after the attack.

Poe underwent 10 surgeries.

Eilish Poe’s story serves as a testament to human resilience in the face of unimaginable adversity. Her unique encounter with apparitions and her willingness to share her experience provides a thought-provoking glimpse into the mysteries surrounding near-death experiences and the perception of the supernatural.


New York Post


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