Swifties Want Taylor To Dump Kelce, Controversy Explodes After Super Bowl

Las Vegas, NV – Taylor Swift fans are expressing concern for the pop star’s well-being after witnessing her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, aggressively confront his coach on the sidelines at Super Bowl LVIII. Many are calling for Swift to dump Kelce following his behavior towards Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid.

The incident occurred during the first half of the game between the Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers when Kelce, the Chiefs’ tight end, was seen screaming and shoving Reid after a failed red-zone play. Kelce’s actions have garnered backlash from fans and sports critics alike, with some labeling him as “spoiled” and exhibiting “toxic masculinity.”

This is not the first time Kelce has experienced backlash for his on-field behavior. In December, he made headlines for spiking his helmet on the sidelines during a game against the Las Vegas Raiders. Former Chiefs’ wide receiver Dante Hall criticized Kelce, calling him spoiled.

During the Super Bowl, Kelce’s behavior has raised concerns among Swift’s fans for her safety and well-being. Swift, who was present at the game to support her boyfriend, has been watching from the V.I.P. section alongside rapper Ice Spice and actress Blake Lively.

Swifties took to social media to express their feelings about Kelce’s actions, with some calling for the pop star to leave him. Many expressed disappointment in Kelce’s behavior and urged Swift to “run” from him.

“Red Flag…absolute reason to run from him,” wrote one fan. Another fan commented, “Any man that acts like that, likes to yell at anyone and everyone. Even Taylor Swift.” Some fans also called out Kelce’s behavior as “toxic masculinity” and warned Swift to “beware” of him.

Non-Swifties also chimed in, with many criticizing Kelce’s behavior and calling it unacceptable. “Toxic Masculinity at its finest,” wrote one Twitter user.

“To the Swifties out there, don’t follow her lead here. Do not date toxic men like Travis Kelce,” said another. As the game progresses, many fans are keeping a close eye on the couple, with some predicting that Swift may end her relationship with Kelce following his actions.

“Look for Taylor Swift to dump him at game’s end,” wrote one fan.

As of now, neither Swift nor Kelce have released any statement regarding the incident. It remains to be seen how the incident will affect their relationship in the future.