Sweltering Heat Causes Multiple Passengers to Pass Out Aboard Delta Plane!

A harrowing ordeal unfolded on Monday as several passengers on a Delta Air Lines flight to Atlanta suffered in the scorching 111-degree heat at Harry Reid International Airport. The flight was delayed on the tarmac for hours without air conditioning, prompting multiple emergencies and leaving several passengers incapacitated.

As the aircraft taxied behind a long line of over a dozen planes, the pilot made a shocking announcement – the plane had to turn back due to the severity of the situation. Inside the crowded cabin, numerous passengers had already passed out from the overwhelming heat, while others were struggling with heat-related illnesses, even soiling themselves. Frantic flight attendants rushed up and down the aisles with oxygen tanks, attempting to attend to the distressed passengers.

Disturbingly, even some flight attendants fell ill during the grueling four-hour ordeal on the stifling plane. At least five individuals required medical attention and were wheeled off the aircraft on stretchers, highlighting the seriousness of the situation.

Amid the chaos, the pilot urged passengers to alert the crew by using the call button in case of a medical emergency. Faced with the option to disembark the plane, passengers were informed that rebooking on another flight to Atlanta could take days, which deterred many from leaving.

Temperatures at the Las Vegas airport soared to dangerous extremes, ranging from 111 to 115 degrees, as confirmed by the National Weather Service. Despite the severity of the conditions, the passengers endured the relentless heat for hours without any relief.

Finally, after the prolonged ordeal, stretchers were brought onto the plane, and the passengers were directed to return to the airport. However, their hopes for a timely departure were dashed when they woke up the next morning to find that their flight had been canceled.

Delta Air Lines expressed regret for the unfortunate experience that their customers had to endure, expressing that they are thoroughly investigating the circumstances that led to the extreme temperatures within the cabin. The airline acknowledged the efforts of its personnel and first responders at Harry Reid International Airport.

An airport representative stated they were unaware of the incident, while Delta assured that the affected customers would receive apologies and compensation for the distressing experience they endured.

New York Post


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