Star Singer & Actor Injured Fight For Israel In Gaza

IDF soldier and Fauda star Idan Amedi was among the injured on Monday in Gaza, according to his family.

Unofficial reports on social media had been circulating for several hours before the family’s announcement, claiming Amedi had been seriously injured while fighting in an IDF counterterrorism operation.

Amedi, who is known for both his military service and his music career, was wounded by shrapnel and airlifted from Gaza to Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer.

According to a report by Keshet 12 News, he is currently being treated for his injuries, which are considered serious but not life-threatening.

Just one hour before being injured, Amedi spoke to N12 reporter Nitzan Shapira about his experience in Gaza. “I’m fine, a little tired,” he said.

“It’s strange to see you here in the midst of this thing, suddenly, you feel so clean to me, I don’t know how to behave with it.”

Amedi went on to describe the intense situation in Gaza, saying, “What was built here is crazy, crazy.” He also expressed his dedication to the mission, stating, “We are working hard here for everyone’s safety, and we love you.”

Throughout his service, Amedi has been documenting his experience on his Instagram account, often mentioning his fellow soldiers and their motivation to avenge the victims of Hamas’s attacks on Israel.

In his civilian career, Amedi rose to fame as a contestant on the Israeli talent competition show Kochav Nolad.

He has since released several popular albums and gained international recognition for his role as Sagi in Fauda. He has been praised for his performances on the show, which depicts the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the perspective of both sides.

As fans of the show and Amedi’s music wait for updates on his condition, they join his family in wishing him a speedy recovery. His bravery as both a soldier and an actor has made him a beloved figure in Israel and beyond.

The Jerusalem Post