Stanley Makes Scary Announcement About Cups, Customers VERY Concerned

Stanley PMI, a leading manufacturer of insulated steel beverage containers, has recently come under fire as consumers raise concerns about the safety of their products. With the surge in popularity of Stanley tumblers on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, many consumers are now questioning whether they are safe to use.

At the center of the debate lies the issue of lead in Stanley products. The company has come forward to address these concerns on their website, stating that while their products do contain a sealing material that uses “some lead,” it does not come into contact with any surfaces that touch beverages. Additionally, they assure customers that the chemical does not come into contact with the beverages placed inside the tumblers.

In a statement released by the company, Stanley PMI explains that their vacuum insulation technology, which keeps beverages at the ideal temperature, requires the use of an industry-standard pellet to seal the insulation at the base of their products. This sealing material does contain a small amount of lead, but it is covered by a durable stainless steel layer, making it inaccessible to consumers.

The company clarifies that for lead to be a concern, the product would need to be damaged, used in an unintended way, or exposed to extreme heat. Otherwise, the lead in the sealing material is not a safety issue. However, in response to these concerns, Stanley PMI’s engineering and supply chain teams are actively working on finding alternative materials for the sealing process.

In their statement to, a spokesperson for Stanley PMI reiterated that “no lead is present on the surface of any Stanley product that comes into contact” with consumers or their contents. They also assure customers that all of their products meet US regulatory requirements, including California’s Proposition 65 which requires businesses to notify consumers of certain heavy metals and chemicals.

To further demonstrate their commitment to safety, Stanley PMI explains that they regularly test their products for compliance with FDA regulations and use third-party labs for verification. They specifically mention testing for BPA/BPS, PFOS, and phthalate regulatory requirements.

Despite these assurances, some consumers have still expressed concern over the safety of their Stanley tumblers. However, the company continues to stand by the safety of their products and recommends that consumers regularly clean their tumblers, which are dishwasher safe. They also advise handling the tumblers with care to preserve their mirror-like finish.

The Stanley tumblers come in various sizes and are priced between $25-$45, making them a popular choice among consumers looking for insulated drinkware. However, with the recent attention on their products’ safety, it is yet to be seen how this will affect their sales and reputation.

In the meantime, Stanley PMI continues to work towards finding alternative materials for their sealing process to alleviate any concerns and maintain the safety of their products.

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